About us

A group of Burmese language professionals united and built this environment to create the best translation service provider in Myanmar.

Native-Speaking Translators – To us, having studied a language is not enough to qualify as a professional translator. Just because a person can read and write a foreign language doesn’t mean they understand the nuances and local idioms of the culture. That requires a legacy of living and working in a region. That’s why every multilingual translation specialist at The Reunion is a native speaker who can guarantee you precise, culturally accurate and professional translation services.

With a combination of in-house and freelance translators, we have a team that possesses practical work experience in computer science, business, legal, marketing, energy, education, healthcare, IT, tourism, automotive and more.

Quick Turnaround – We understand that oftentimes translations must be performed quickly in order to meet tight deadlines. We go a step beyond by providing timely service at affordable rates.

Confidentiality– We adhere to all government-mandated confidentiality laws and take great measures to ensure your personal and professional privacy, intellectual property, and digital products/information are protected.


Trados Studio-  Memsource -Star Transit -Subtitle Edit/Subtitle workshop -Microsoft office And etc..

-Adobe Indesign -Adobe Illustrator -Adobe Photoshop -Microsoft publisher

– Zoho Books

Let’s build something together.

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